Lextreme’s History


Lextreme purchased the first Lexus V8 engine and imported the management system with all the components. There was a huge amount of research that went into the design of the electrical system that would give the motor the ability to function as the manufacturer intended. All the circuits are laid out in a way that makes it easy to trace a problem that may occur. We also built in a method of reading the trouble codes without the use of a diagnostic tool. This made it very easy for a person to fault find irrespective of there knowledge in automotive electrical systems.


We looked at this as a lovable hobby. The industry grew at a rapid rate as people realised they could improve there vehicles with the beauty of the Lexus brand and the exceptional engineering quality of the Toyota. We never saw it as an industry but a love for the motors.


A lot of people were battling with the continuous troubles with remapping of aftermarket systems for there Lexus V8 and it was about time to offer a solution to always having to get there vehicle to a tuner to reset there management systems. We decided to open sales of Lexus V8 engines to the public and offer a system that would work as though it was from the factory. Of course this is also a function of the quality of the install which has its own issues. Lextreme at first supplied engines to some of the largest importers in the country but this also had its own problems as there was very little technical support as a result of us not dealing directly with our clients. We then started importing and selling directly to the public, this had tremendous growth in the company as we could offer a product that was supplied by one company. Nobody as a customer wants to be chased from Peter to Paul trying to find who takes the responsibility for a faulty unit. We have additional websites you can visit Lextreme and Lexus V8

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