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A Conversion Done By Lextreme.

This Video is of a Conversion of a Toyota Hilux with a 3UZ-FE 4.3 L Lexus V8 engine and running standard management sorted by Lextreme Engine Management Systems.

Two 1000+HP Supras battle Texas Streets

A couple of Supra’s and other exotica battling it out on the streets of Texas. Showing what an awesome engine the 2JZ-GTE is!!

Lexus IS300 with a 2JZ-GTE Conversion

This video is of a Lexus IS300 with a 2JZ-GTE Conversion. Beautiful looking car and full of potential with little work. A Serious contender in the conversion market.

Toyota Supra with 2UZ 4.7 L Twin Turbo

This Video is of a Toyota Supra with a 2UZ-FE 4.7 L Twin Turbo LExus V8 Engine. Some real V8 Horsepower here!!


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