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This Website is part of Lextreme family of Websites designed to help provide our clients with all the information that is required to assist with a smooth and trouble free Lexus V8 Engine Purchase.

We aim to provide you with you with all the information required to plan and create a conversion that you will love for many years to come.

Lextreme as a Company is the oldest and largest Supplier of Lexus V8’s in Southern Africa.

We Pride ourselves on our exemplary service during the sale and the extensive after sales technical help that is provided to every single one of our customers.

We have a few websites covering different aspects of the Lexus V8 engines as well as other engines that we sell.

Lextreme is our Home Page that provides you a gateway to all the information that you could ever need.

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Lexus V8 is our website dedicated to covering the latest news and provides a comprehensive shop that you can purchase every part needed for your Lexus V8 Logo

Lexus V8 Lextreme is where we cover areas of actual conversions, things to know in advance, what to do and what not to do and tutorials for everything from changing a spark plug to changing a timing belt.

Don’t Forget our Facebook page that allows our clients to access us personally and to keep you regularly updated with the what is going on at Lextreme and what is planned for the future.


Lexus V8 Engines

This website is dedicated to informing you of the technical specifications of the various motors.

Giving you in depth knowledge so that you can make an informed decision about what Engine will suit your exact application.

Please Feel free to contact us on our facebook page to give us reviews or information you think might be missing from this page.

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